Trade Credit Risk and Supply Chains: The Post-Pandemic Landscape

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Supply chains and trade credit are critical in a post-COVID world. Trade volumes are likely to fluctuate, reflecting the collision of pent-up consumer demand with widespread goods and labour shortages, supply bottlenecks and uncertainty about further COVID variants. Disruption is the new status quo. Advances in technology are helping to create more flexible supply chains but there is a long way to go to repair the damage from COVID.

Growing pressure to understand end-to-end supply chain credit risk leaves SMEs at a disadvantage when it comes to accessing credit. There is growing evidence that more transparent, widely available credit data benefits the global economy. A new whitepaper from Credit Benchmark demonstrates how consensus credit data is part of the solution. With coverage on 30,000+ corporates, financials and sovereigns, the dataset helps fill the gap between the need for flexible, robust global supply chains and the need to minimize payables and receivables risk arising from supply chain volatility.

For CFOs, Group Treasurers, Procurement Managers, and participants in the trade finance sector, the whitepaper highlights the value of credit consensus ratings in assessing current and future counterpart credit risks.

Download the whitepaper below for credit risk insights across sovereigns, global corporates, financials, industrials, travel and leisure, oil and gas, metals and mining, automobiles and parts, forestry and paper, hotels and airlines, and REITs.

Also included in the whitepaper are consensus analytics that provide trade finance and supply chain professionals with an overview of counterparty credit risks, available across bespoke lists of counterparties: trading partners, buyers, sellers, banks, non-bank intermediaries, and various subsidiaries of these.

Figure 1: Sample of Universe Analytics available for a sample industry – Global Automobiles & Parts

The data is available via the Credit Benchmark Web App, Excel add-in, flat file download, and third-party platforms including Bloomberg. Get in touch with us to request your free trial of Credit Benchmark Premium Data and Analytics.

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    Credit Benchmark brings together internal credit risk views from over 40 leading global financial institutions. The contributions are anonymized, aggregated, and published in the form of consensus ratings and aggregate analytics to provide an independent, real-world perspective of credit risk. Risk and investment professionals at banks, insurance companies, asset managers and other financial firms use the data for insights into the unrated, monitoring and alerting within their portfolios, benchmarking, assessing and analyzing trends, and fulfilling regulatory requirements and capital.