Credit Consensus Data on Bloomberg

Credit Benchmark Data on the Bloomberg Terminal and via Enterprise Data License

Precise consensus-based credit ratings, probabilities of default, and advanced analytics on 40,000 mostly unrated private and public companies and 130,000 corporate bonds and loans are now available to licensed clients via the Bloomberg Terminal and Data License service.

Credit Consensus Ratings on Bloomberg

Credit Consensus Ratings available on Bloomberg provide a unique measure of creditworthiness on 40,000 counterparts and borrowers across emerging and developed markets. Compiled from the anonymized and aggregated internal risk views of 40+ of the world’s leading banks, Credit Consensus Ratings provide an independent, real-world perspective of risk.

Updated twice monthly, the data provides dynamic and unparalleled coverage of public and private companies; 90% of the entities covered are unrated by the top three rating agencies.

Credit Consensus Ratings are supplemented by descriptive analytics that provides insights into the underlying credit views that make up the consensus.

Credit Benchmark data can now be seamlessly integrated into your existing workflows and alongside other content on the Bloomberg Terminal. The data is easily accessible on CRPR, SRCH, and throughout the Terminal to help support various risk management and investment management use cases.

Use Cases for Credit Consensus Ratings

Bond and Loan Rating Assessments on Bloomberg

Through a partnership with Bloomberg, Credit Benchmark also offers rating assessments (notching) for bonds and loans issued by the 40,000 entities with Credit Consensus Ratings.

This service combines the Credit Benchmark Consensus with Bloomberg’s security reference dataset to create security-level rating assessments for approximately 130,000 bonds and loans amounting to $34+ trillion outstanding.

The production combines both Credit Benchmark and Bloomberg information and technology. As the resulting Rating Assessments are at the security level, the Bloomberg platform provides the perfect distribution mechanism.

These Bond and Loan Rating Assessments are available to licensed clients alongside the existing Credit Benchmark entity-level coverage via standard Bloomberg functions, including Search, Worksheets, Launchpad, Excel API, and CRPR.

Bloomberg also offers access to the same information via Data License Per Security for clients looking to use this information within their internal systems.

Use Cases for Bond and Loan Rating Assessments

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Credit Consensus Ratings and Bond and Loan Rating Assessments

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    Credit Benchmark brings together internal credit risk views from over 40 leading global financial institutions. The contributions are anonymized, aggregated, and published in the form of consensus ratings and aggregate analytics to provide an independent, real-world perspective of credit risk. Risk and investment professionals at banks, insurance companies, asset managers and other financial firms use the data for insights into the unrated, monitoring and alerting within their portfolios, benchmarking, assessing and analyzing trends, and fulfilling regulatory requirements and capital.