Credit Benchmark Data on the Bloomberg Terminal and as an Enterprise Dataset

Precise consensus-based credit ratings, mid-point probabilities of default and advanced analytics on 30,000+ mostly unrated private and public companies are now available on the Bloomberg Terminal and enterprise service.

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Credit Benchmark data covers 30,000+ entity level ratings and probabilities of default compiled from the anonymized and aggregated contributed risk views of 40+ of the leading global financial institutions. Contributions are collected, anonymized and updated twice monthly to provide an independent, real-world perspective of risk.

Conduct your own coverage check on your portfolio with a free trial of the premium data on your Bloomberg Terminal.

Use Cases and Applications

Risk Management

Risk Regulatory Compliance

Portfolio Monitoring and Analysis

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Security Selection and Portfolio Construction

Risk Allocation

Sector Analysis

Benefits for Bloomberg Users

  • Unparalleled coverage of public and private issuers

  • Unique insight into how other financial institutions are assessing entity risk aligned with their active limits/exposures

  • Multiple contributions to entity consensus reduce the chances of missing credit risk changes

  • Updates twice monthly to provide dynamic indicators of potential changes in risk

  • Position between traditional credit ratings and alternative data has broad applicability to support use cases from investment decision-making to counterparty / credit risk assessments

Credit Benchmark Premium Data and Analytics

Credit Benchmark Premium Data and Analytics provide unique insights beyond the Free-to-Air data fields.

Contact us for a free trial of the premium data which includes granular analytics beyond the Credit Consensus Rating.

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Credit Benchmark brings together internal credit risk views from over 40 leading global financial institutions. The contributions are anonymized, aggregated, and published in the form of consensus ratings and aggregate analytics to provide an independent, real-world perspective of credit risk. Risk and investment professionals at banks, insurance companies, asset managers and other financial firms use the data for insights into the unrated, monitoring and alerting within their portfolios, benchmarking, assessing and analyzing trends, and fulfilling regulatory requirements and capital.