Bank of England COVID Corporate Financing Facility

In response to COVID-19, UK companies seeking funding continuity may be eligible for the Bank of England COVID Corporate Financing Facility (contact [email protected] or visit the CCFF page for more information on eligibility).

For companies that do not have a public rating from one of the major credit rating agencies, the Bank will make an assessment based on a range of information, including the internal rating estimates from any such company’s commercial bank counterparties.

Further to a request confirmed by HM Treasury, Credit Benchmark has provided a credit assessment file to the Bank*, which consolidates, in aggregate form, the corporate credit estimates of a number of the largest UK banks.

Please contact us at [email protected] if you would like to learn more about our data services.

*Credit Benchmark is not involved in any of the assessments that the Bank of England may make. If you have any questions about the internal rating estimates on your company, generated by the banks that provide credit to your company, please contact your bank/financial institution to discuss further.

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June 3, 2020
Sub-Custodians: Networks Reveal Credit Risk

The increasing complexity of global sub-custodial networks means less clarity about where an asset is held – and the credit risk of the legal entity holding it. A new whitepaper by Credit Benchmark maps this interconnectivity and sheds light on hidden potential credit risks within these networks.

Sub-custodian network credit risk


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