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Credit Benchmark provides a data-driven view of credit risk, offering coverage, granularity, and collective insights not available anywhere else.

Credit Consensus Ratings, Indices & Analytics are an entirely unique product backed by real-world market sentiment. Instead of being based on the ‘issuer pays model’, this product represents the views of those with ‘skin in the game’.

Entity-Level Risk

Credit Consensus Ratings

Credit Consensus Ratings provide a unique measure of creditworthiness on 100,000+ counterparts and borrowers across emerging and developed markets, based on inputs from 40+ leading global financial institutions, almost half of which are Global Systemically Important Banks (GSIBs). 90% of the entities covered are otherwise unrated, or private entities, providing an unparalleled perspective of risk and liquidity.

Credit Consensus Ratings are supplemented by descriptive analytics and reference data that provide insights into the underlying credit views that make up the consensus.

Historical charting allows you to benchmark trends — the Credit Consensus Rating vs. your own estimate over time.

Macro-Level Insights

Credit Indices

Credit Indices are macro-level risk indicators that offer the ability to compare credit trends and distributions across more than 170 countries and close to 200 industries, sectors and sub-sectors.

Over 1,200 trend-tracking, forward-looking Credit Indices are available, reflecting Credit Benchmark’s expanding universe of 10 million credit risk observations contributed annually from the world’s leading financial institutions. The Credit Indices therefore provide insights into the real-world risk views of the world’s most experienced risk takers.

Leveraging our comprehensive set of indices allows for investment professionals to construct precise and representative Correlation- and Transition Matrices, which more appropriately reflect the true risk dynamics within the market.

Security-Level Ratings Assessments

Bonds & Loans

Credit Benchmark, in partnership with Bloomberg, offers rating assessments (notching) for bonds and loans issued by 40,000+ entities with Credit Consensus Ratings.

This service combines Credit Benchmark’s Credit Consensus Ratings with Bloomberg’s security reference dataset to create security-level rating assessments for approximately 130,000 bonds and loans amounting to $34+ trillion outstanding.

This service combines both Credit Benchmark and Bloomberg data and technology. As the resulting Rating Assessments are at the security level, the Bloomberg platform provides the perfect distribution mechanism.

Analytical Tools

Monitoring, managing and mitigating your risk

Below are some of the different functionalities via which Credit Benchmark’s products and services can be accessed and the benefits they offer:

Now Available: Credit Risk IQ

Credit Benchmark’s Credit Risk IQ reports show how credit risk is evolving across a wide range of dimensions.

These monthly reports contain forward-looking analyses of default risk across 5,000+ sectors, spanning various geographies and industries, with rated and unrated, and privately and publicly owned entities. 

Credit Benchmark delves into the credit risk behaviour of entities within each industry to help you identify key trends and signals at a macro-level.

Credit Risk IQ - Industry Reports


Delivery channels to fit your workflow

In Numbers

The Benefits of Consensus Credit Data

Rating the unrated

Unparalleled coverage of public and private issuers; filling the gaps left by traditional ratings agencies.


Free from “issuer-pays” conflict and any bank bias.

Real-world exposure

Driven by the credit views of >40 of the world’s largest regulated banks, almost half of which are GSIBs.

Identify that entity

Risk data is processed through a sophisticated purpose-built mapping engine.


The consensus is refreshed twice monthly to provide dynamic indicators of potential credit risk changes.

Alerting and monitoring

Assess risk over the lifetime of a transaction.

Secure reporting

Ease of internal integration within reporting.

Expanding footprint

A unique growing global dataset.

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Credit Benchmark offers entity-level Credit Consensus Ratings on over 100,000 counterparts and borrowers globally, alongside an extensive suite of analytical tools and products.

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Credit Benchmark brings together internal credit risk views from over 40 leading global financial institutions. The contributions are anonymized, aggregated, and published in the form of consensus ratings and aggregate analytics to provide an independent, real-world perspective of credit risk. Risk and investment professionals at banks, insurance companies, asset managers and other financial firms use the data for insights into the unrated, monitoring and alerting within their portfolios, benchmarking, assessing and analyzing trends, and fulfilling regulatory requirements and capital.