Access Credit Benchmark data directly in Excel

  • Ability to incorporate consensus data into existing spreadsheets and models
  • Pre-built template library
  • Convenient and fluent graphical interface to create and edit filters to query the database
  • Supported by a product specialist team to develop custom solutions for clients

Secure, online visualisation of consensus credit risk data

  • Access to entire CB dataset
  • Secure, proprietary web interface
  • Portfolio monitoring and alerting
  • Analyse and monitor industry or geographical trends
  • Entity-level drill down and peer comparison
  • Benchmark contributor’s own credit risk opinion against the consensus securely

Automated, secure delivery via SFTP

  • Full CB dataset in comprehensive flat file
  • Incorporates contributor’s own internal identifiers and reference data for efficient data mapping
  • Structured file format for quick ingest into system
  • Custom feeds based on requirements

Enterprise API for dynamic programmatic access

  • Web services Enterprise API
  • Structured data model
  • High performance, flexible delivery mechanism to support in-house built solutions

Exclusively for Contributing Banks

Suite of peer comparison and coverage reports

  • Monthly reporting benchmarking contributor risk estimates against consensus
  • Industry and obligor level analysis
  • Identify key outliers and systemic deviations
  • Supported with monthly data quality and contribution analysis

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