Access Credit Benchmark data directly in Excel

  • Ability to incorporate consensus data into existing spreadsheets and models
  • Pre-built template library
  • Convenient and fluent graphical interface to create and edit filters to query the database
  • Supported by a product specialist team to develop custom solutions for clients

Secure, online visualisation of consensus credit risk data

  • Access to entire CB dataset
  • Secure, proprietary web interface
  • Portfolio monitoring and alerting
  • Analyse and monitor industry or geographical trends
  • Entity-level drill down and peer comparison
  • Benchmark contributor’s own credit risk opinion against the consensus securely

Automated, secure delivery via SFTP

  • Full CB dataset in comprehensive flat file
  • Incorporates contributor’s own internal identifiers and reference data for efficient data mapping
  • Structured file format for quick ingest into system
  • Custom feeds based on requirements

Enterprise API for dynamic programmatic access

  • Web services Enterprise API
  • Structured data model
  • High performance, flexible delivery mechanism to support in-house built solutions

Exclusively for Contributing Banks

Suite of peer comparison and coverage reports

  • Monthly reporting benchmarking contributor risk estimates against consensus
  • Industry and obligor level analysis
  • Identify key outliers and systemic deviations
  • Supported with monthly data quality and contribution analysis

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Credit Benchmark brings together internal credit risk views from over 40 leading global financial institutions. The contributions are anonymized, aggregated, and published in the form of consensus ratings and aggregate analytics to provide an independent, real-world perspective of credit risk. Risk and investment professionals at banks, insurance companies, asset managers and other financial firms use the data for insights into the unrated, monitoring and alerting within their portfolios, benchmarking, assessing and analyzing trends, and fulfilling regulatory requirements and capital.