New Credit Risk and Pricing Insights for Credit Insurers


Our Consensus credit risk and LGD data is based on inputs from global financial institutions that have the largest, most sophisticated exposures across all types of counterparts including corporates, financials and sovereigns. 

Credit Insurers are using Credit Benchmark consensus ratings and LGD data to:

Evaluate new business opportunities more efficiently: Credit Benchmark acts as a powerful screener at the initial stage to either reject opportunities or give confidence to front-line teams that the entities they are working with meet their minimum credit quality thresholds. 

Do more business with confidence: Especially on entities that are private, not publicly rated, and difficult to analyse.

Price more accurately: Consensus LGD data, reflecting the sum total experiences of financial institutions, reduces data asymmetry and increases pricing accuracy.

Monitor portfolios for credit deterioration:  Credit Benchmark Aggregates pinpoint credit deterioration in sectors and supply chains within the portfolio that help inform underwriting strategy.


Example of Aggregate analytics for Industrial companies. Credit Benchmark provides over 600 up-to-date macro-level risk indicators across 105 countries, 300 industries and 75 sectors, in addition to 50,000+ single name Consensus ratings.




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