Credit Benchmark Webinar: Covid and the Impacts on Banking and Credit Risk Management

Posted by on Sep, 17 2020.

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Financial institutions find themselves again at the center of another global recession, triggered this time by a pandemic rather than a shock to the banking system as in 2008.

In this webinar we explore how banks and risk managers can best navigate the challenges caused by the current crisis while continuing to drive efficiencies and innovation.

Topics of discussion include:

  • The current economy and outlook
  • The state of credit markets and ratings migration
  • Regulatory responses to the crisis and different jurisdictional approaches
  • Leveraging data and technology amidst cost pressures to more efficiently manage risk


  • Craig Broderick, Head of Advisory Board, Credit Benchmark, Member of the Board of Directors, Bank of Montreal and Senior Director, Goldman Sachs.
  • Bruce Richards, Advisory Board Member, Credit Benchmark, Chairman of the Board of Credit Suisse Holdings (USA).
  • Jeffery Weaver, Executive Vice President & Head of Qualitative Risk, KeyBank.

The Webinar is moderated by Mark Faulkner (Co-Founder Credit Benchmark).

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