About CreditBenchmark

Based in London and New York, Credit Benchmark is a financial data analytics company offering an entirely new source of credit risk data: the credit risk assessments of the world’s leading banks.

Our Approach

Credit Benchmark provides a particularly objective view of credit risk from the risk takers themselves, with data provisioned exclusively by global banks that implement A-IRB standards:

Transparency into Credit Risk

Credit Benchmark applies a proven contributed data business model to provide greater transparency into credit risk. Financial market participants benefit from this transparency – particularly on unrated entities –with unique indicators reflecting the views of actual risk takers.

Consistent and Specific Measure

The more effectively a bank can monitor and manage risk, the more efficient they can be with their capital.  As part of this effort, the risk departments of the global banking community rely on the expert judgment of risk officers, modelers and auditors, among others, to ensure the risk views on any counterparty is current and accurate.  The banks that are the most advanced with their risk frameworks follow an internal ratings-based (IRB) approach.

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