Innovative approach

We apply a proven business approach to create a new source of credit risk data: banks’ aggregated credit views. This requires us to be trusted by the world’s largest banks to gather, aggregate, anonymize and deliver data in a highly secure, confidential and legally-compliant manner.

Insightful data

Our growing global dataset provides both a credible alternative to the existing sources and cover unrated sovereigns, funds and public and private companies, as well as their trading subsidiaries.


Credit Benchmark is a technology-led company. Our core areas of focus are data quality and maintaining the confidentiality of contributors' proprietary data. Our systems maximize data quality through rigorous data validation and entity matching, with the ability to handle unlimited datasets.


Security is central to the process at Credit Benchmark. We operate a rigorous security platform that meets the requirements of our contributor base of global financial institutions. Our hosting platform complies with critical information security standards.

Our data transmission hosting platform is tailored to the requirements of our financial services contributors.


The company was founded in 2012 by Donal Smith and Mark Faulkner, whose previous financial data company, Data Explorers, was acquired by IHS Markit the same year. Credit Benchmark has raised $30 million in funding since 2013. The 2014 round was led by Index Ventures and the 2015 by Balderton Capital.